Wednesday, June 11, 2014


In the DARK PASSAGE prophecy, my old buddy seemingly jumps to his death just like the REV.17 woman seemed to jump to her death from that future computer windows metaphor. Per the spoken word revelations recorded at that say that when the Lord's only true church in the world is suddenly cleansed, many of it's most active and faithful LDS church members will feel like killing themselves. ~ ~ This goes for the D&C 86 Democrat Party too, since the Mormon church leadership in high society Utah was in full support of amnesty for illegals, and all that shit, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1947 NOTES: Here is Keira in a pair of those 1940s style slacks last Wednesday in London, ready to leave in one of the city's famous retro era taxis, at: ~ ~ Angelina Jolie does the same look the next week just as well, at: ~ ~ MARVELOUS NOTES: The theme song in DARK PASSAGE was the inspiration behind Billy Crystal's famous "You look marvelous..." routine, like at: ~ ~ Ever since we picked up on the crystals time-machine physical transfiguration themes in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ ~ Note that Irene's old school record player also had a future two witnesses AM radio. ~ ~ Rush Limbaugh has often said that his hearing aid implants sound much like bad AM radio audio. ~ ~ RED LADY NOTES: At the beginning of THE LADY IN RED prophecy, Gene Wilder et al are on the verge of committing suicide in San Francisco. ~ ~ BOGIE NOTES: Bogart ended up looking around the same older age of a physically transfigured man who started to grow younger again starting around 80 years-old. The good part is, his hot 20 sometime Jewish wife didn't seem to have a problem with that. And she stayed loyal to him for a full twelve years, until he died from lung cancer in 1957. ~ ~ Hence, Steven Fresh's venture capital interest in a cure for lung cancer. ~ ~ Fuck it. Just send my old friend a few million dollars and stop worrying about what it all means literally from a business point of view. Jesus Christ already, you made that much pocket money in just the past 48 hours. ~ ~ Where's your sense of humor? ~ ~ FRIENDS WITH MONEY NOTES: Both of my best fuck buddies in the whole wide world are 29 years-old right now; i.e. Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. ~ ~ "It's the summer of love baby!" Jim Carrey in THE CABLE GUY. ~ ~ RUMOR HAS IT NOTES: I have read all those rumors about a much younger looking Michael Savage hanging out with guys in the 1950s who also liked getting their cocks sucked by topless underaged children; i.e. 15, 16, 17 year-old native girls in the off-shore tax-free islands of Fiji. ~ ~ God damn!! I hope and pray unto Jesus that it's all true. But you never know these days. When everyone in the born again fascist media won't even talk about Obama getting his cock sucked every day for the past 50 years or so. ~ ~ HARD NEWS NOTES: Looks like my trusty sidekick is going to have to drop a few big ones on top of my enemies in Iraq now.

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