Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Barack Obama is still a smoker you know. ~ ~ Who is the prophetic Asian monkey man metaphor in 1941 with the rising sun Jap trap politico logo; who causes Taylor Swift's beautiful white house on a hill above the sea to slide off of it's precarious perch. ~ ~ As predicated upon by Taylor's recently inspired Hwy.101 road trip up the northern coast of California with Lorde. ~ ~ Note the alien invader's same rising-dawn logo that Barack Obama uses on the bathrobe of the beautiful REV.17 woman who opens the 1979 movie. Which turned out to be a huge surprise disappointment; both artistically and economically. ~ ~ Because all the laughs were supposed to be about all those dumb Republicans from Orange County, etc. Even though FDR and his Jewish Communist infiltrators were running everything in Hollywood back then. ~ ~ Just like today, after the first fascist 666 beast had died. Who was then quickly replaced by the new and improved and more civilized Jewish beast. Even though the first one exterminated around 6,666,666 of their fellow back-stabbing Jews. ~ ~ In other words, the first thing that the Allies did after destroying National Socialism, was meet with the German's democratic socialist parties and give them a blank check to rebuild Western Europe. ~ ~ And over in England, the labor party marxists immediately got rid of Winston Churchill. ~ ~ Exactly like the FDR/JFK/LBJ/MLK David Letterman backed abomination of desolation did when he moved into the White House, and got rid of that bronze bust of Churchill. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch. ~ ~ Yada Yada. ~ ~ No wonder 1941 was not that funny. ~ ~ And with the passage of time, it even becomes less funny. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1941 NOTES: This O/hi/o woman walked into propeller blades in confirmation of that metaphorical B-17 loving REV.17 babe who gets turned on by Barack Obama's "Commander in Chief" military planes in 1941, which oddly enough look a lot like Asian Japanese planes, at: ~ ~ Oh yeah, she voted for Obama; just like all those handsome Jim Carrey look alikes out there wearing USO military uniforms. ~ ~ Note the Watch Hill, Rhode Island location name reference. The large white house above the REV.13:1 sea in 1941 was a WW II watch house. I.e. watch out for the new AREA CODE 310 beast. Whose head was once severely wounded, but then it suddenly became born again. Just like in all those German 1930s Frankenstein moves.

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