Tuesday, June 24, 2014


VANILLA ICE was from Florida. For when the time would come that I.C.E. is being run by a well known illegal alien. And the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim had become overcome by the devil. And therefore something else would have to take their places, per this providential Liberty City, Florida prelude, at: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20140624/us--miami_shooting-bc43aa5590.html ~ ~ Since the New Jerusalem's Liberty City of God has now become overrun by gangsta rapper niggers, both black and white. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. My beloved drinking buddy sidekick Barack Obama is God's servant. ~ ~ Who would be there for us when the time would come that even the white lost tribes of Israel could care less about their own blood. ~ ~ And so then therefore, somebody is going to have to do something. Before it goes beyond the point of no return. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.16 EARTHQUAKE NOTES: That monster 7.9 earthquake in Alaska's Rat Islands was for the prophetic frozen Artic I.C.E. ending to THE BLOB's darkie invasion. ~ ~ Did they call today's federal alien baby sitter agency, I.C.E. way back in 1958? ~ ~ NEW READERS: Vanilla Ice was most famous back in the Reaganite 80s for his tall blond short hair Nazi look; that and his red 5.0 MUSTANG. ~ ~ Plus the dude could dance as good as any nigger out there. ~ ~ "... and they hate their own blood." [MOSES 7:33] ~ ~ BRUNCH IDEAS: Small thin coastal cutthroat trout taste the best. I like them fried to a crisp with the heads on and served up in a boat of fresh basil almond garlic butter, skin and all. ~ ~ Just dice the roasted almonds like you would do with your fresh picked basil leaves and serve it all up raw. It's almost impossible to know when the almonds are too overcooked or too undercooked anyway. ~ ~ Just go for it, and don't forget the white Pinot. [Don't be fooled by any fume blanc priced under $35. Unless of course you have some kind of insider information about it.] ~ ~ P.S. GEORGE CLOONEY: Last night I dreamed that I wanted to pitch you an idea for a western cowboy movie musical. Wherein we all get to stay on location at my own private polygamist G6 hideout resort in that desert oasis near Lake Powell. Where all the underaged teenager extras on the set are as hot as hell; and their mothers ain't that bad either.

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