Tuesday, March 22, 2016


My legendary GSR/TWN figure in WEDDING CRASHERS, named Chazz, says that crashing funerals is the next logical step in the 12 years later scenario that unfolds along the bloody 1600 furlows zone prophecy in REV.14. ~ ~ Wherein right in the middle of a passionate three-way situation he shouts "Damn you!.. Damn you Roger!!" [Ailes] For FOX NEWS having poisoned the well and created such a huge chasm among America's better half by lying to them for 8 years straight about Obama's fake birth certificate and fact-checked use of a dead man's Social Security number. ~ ~ Thereby making everybody so damn mad that they are ready to spit blood. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHARTER MEMBER NOTES: Grey tells Beckwith in WEDDING CRASHERS, circa 2016 that "It's all deadly." when it comes to the people's rebellion of the prince in DAN.9; such as princess Oprah Winfrey [Win free money in the nigger rich 666 lottery]. Think Lee Daniels is right about the fed up white people finally coming after the Democrat Party's lawless rich-as-fuck Jews and their nigger rich fascist thug [BLACK PANTHERS] enforcers who are ruining America. ~ ~ LEP 5/6 NOTES: I'm getting damn close to updating these two timely LEPRECHAUN in LA sequals. ~ ~ PS BECK: Your Divine inspiration regarding Ted Cruz is quite genuine. But your DON VERDEAN type timing is a little bit off and a little premature for right now. ~ ~ For whatever it's worth, President Monson will be voting for Donald Trump in 2016. ~ ~ Timing is everything. ~ ~ Or as Sarah Palin would say, "It's a strategy!!" vote. ~ ~ I mean think about it... Two older rich guys, both of whom are rather tall, and have a common personal history for blond hair die jobs. ~ ~ Oh yeah. ~ ~ Now see if you can spot the prophetic [flash vision] Ted Cruz look alike trivia question in WEDDING CRASHERS. ~ ~ NAME THAT CELEBRITY is now being hosted by Craig Ferguson. ~ ~ Both of the crazy hot actress babes in the above election 16 movie are of Scottish ancestry, and er, yada, yada. ~ ~ According to the spoken word revelations that are recorded at 2bc.info, most of the African slave negros who believed in their white Jesus master will go to heaven. ~ ~ As portrayed in such inspired movies as LIVE AND LET DIE, meets GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, from Hawaii, meets IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW,  meets any movie that the King ever made in Hawaii in the 19666s, at:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guess_Who%27s_Coming_to_Dinner ~ ~
NEW READER NOTES: The white girlfriend in GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER is Barack Obama's Jewish mother who once lived on that same fantasy paradise island where Michael Medved lives. ~ ~Located in the middle of Lake Washington, Seattle; so featured in LAGGIES meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE; and so on and so on.

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