Saturday, March 26, 2016


When Pee-Wee disguises himself as cowboy no.9 and rides the prophetic two witnesses bull named Volcano in his big 1985 adventure, the rodeo announcer calls him Fletcher. For 1985's FLETCH portrait of yours truly, that was thematically shot in Provo, Utah too, at: ~ ~ Therefore, 19 elk mamas and their babies were killed by a pack of full moon werewolves Thursday near Hoback Peak, Wyoming, south of the Snake River. In relation to PW saving Miley Cyrus' pet shop snakes. ~ ~ Right there is Stewart Mtn. to the west of where the actual James Bond happening went down in Bondurant. That looks over Hwy.89's Star Valley in Lincoln County; all of which is located just south of Wolf Mtn. and Sandra Bullock's legendary landmark SNOW KING jet ski [CRASH] resort. ~ ~ Hence, Sandy's "big house" Tudor mansion in LA that is featured in the two iconic 1985 movies. ~ ~ Not to mention SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL' s Ms.Miley forerunner character. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PROPELLER HAT NOTES: That helicopter crashed near Clintonville, Alabama in Coffee County for the scene where Pee-Wee gets freaked by the chopper kiddie ride on his way over to MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP. Where we see the African ape wearing an Abraham Lincoln top hat. ~ ~ Then once inside, PW asks Billy how he likes school, with a quick cut to the red robes of Satan. Who is now in charge of America's public education system of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ TWISTED SISTER NOTES: Those are my future plural wives walking beside the CADDY in the MTV video shoot on the WB studios lot. Where most of Sandy's more mainstream big budget productions are made. Hence Pee-Wee's multiple evergreen bird houses in his front yard when he first encounters my former [1985] BYU film school friend and neighbor Bruce Troxell. Who now works for the BOEING aerospace rocket company that is represented by the rocket in PW's yard. Or is that one of Dr.Evil's rockets being made by Seattle's madman who founded ? ~ ~ That huuuge bald head at MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP does come to mind. ~ ~

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