Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Jesus Christ this guy is smart. ~ ~ Right on the eve of Super Tuesday, he plants a story in the morning NYT about how all of his followers are birthers. ~ ~ And just like in the midnight radio Clyde Lewis inspired MOONWALKERS movie, the crazy conspiracy story actually turns out to be true. ~ ~ As just confirmed at: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2016/02/29/scott-kelly-set-to-return-to-earth-after-spending-year-in-space.html?intcmp=hplnws ~ ~ Didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ No. Really. I did not see it coming. ~ ~ Kind of like Cara Delevigne sucking on my cock, and me licking on her tender young fish filet clit; while her sexy girlfriend is out in the kitchen making us all up a tasty tray of cheese and crackers with smoked steelhead trout. ~ ~ "All for one, and one for all." [CRY BABY] ~ ~ Much like watching MOONWALKERS, 2014, and I suddenly realize that it is the prequel/sequel to my many AUSTIN POWERS:II The Spy Who Shagged Me postings. ~ ~ Hence, the above defrosted Dr.Evil look alike link. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MS. MONTANA: Break a leg. ~ ~ PS CHARLIE THE TUNA: Don't worry dude, be happy. Yours truly has the most amazing sense of humor. Maybe even more so than Donald Trump. ~ ~ Whatever. I understand how you were just trying to make fun of me like everyone else in Hollywood, when you were fucking all of those skinny porno actresses, two at a time. ~ ~ You still will get that most coveted part for six figures in the CHARLIE'S ANGELS reboot series. ~ ~ Gonna have to go with David Lynch on this one. ~ ~ SUPERMAN TUESDAY NOTES: The psychedelic 19666s yellow skin Viet Nam [LSD/LDS]  idea of men flying to the moon on a  Chinatown fireworks rocket is the same idea behind the mormon church giving the higher priesthood to the dark skinned sons of Ham in 1985's THE JEWEL OF THE NILE [Smith] prophecy. ~ ~ In other words. If you do not believe that skin color matters, you probably only have a superficial warm and fuzzy type feel-good 7th grade school understanding of the BOOK OF MORMON.  ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood vote for Donald Trump in 16. Just because the Jesus figure in THE BIG LEBOWSKI: II&III told them to do it. ~ ~

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