Wednesday, March 2, 2016


15 toxic well train cars derailed outside of America's Hwy.20 RIPLEY'S BELEIVE IT OR NOT odditorium landmark along Lake Erie on Super Tuesday. For all of those stupid and moronic Holocaust Survivor Jews in MARATHON MAN who believed that Donald Trump was just another GSR/TWN type joke back in 15. ~ ~ Kind of like that Trump twister that wrecked havoc down in that negro neighborhood along the Bessemer Super Highway in Alabama on Super Tuesday. ~ ~ Right there being; Roosevelt City, Brownville, Grasselli, Lipscomb, Dartmouth, etc. for me mowing Emma Watson's ivy league campus grass and eating out Cara Delevigne's tender fish filet lips after Donald Trump becomes the President of American in 16. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CRUZ: Happy Texas Independence Day; not to mention Washington State Day. ~ ~ You do know of course that the 49th State of Alaska is the only state in the 50/50 ten virgins United States prophecy that actually has a legitimate sessionist party movement. ~ ~ Which is mostly made up of native American LAmanites and a rag tag group of white Nephite flyfishermen  types who live in log cabins out in the woods. ~ ~ "I will change the name of the mountain back to what it was before when I become President." [Donald Trump].  ~ ~ Hence, that bright meteor light flashing in the middle of the night that lit up the sky in Scotland on the eve of Super Tuesday. ~  ~ In confirmation of these inspired prophetic cinematic  elements at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS MICHAEL: You dropped out of YU, and I dropped out of BYU, because both of us knew in our hearts that we were going to become genius filmmakers in the future. ~ ~ Problem is; both of us were not quite ready to become the kind of big money union scale paycheck prime time players at SNL during the Reagan 80s.  ~ ~ "You and I are not that different." AP:II

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