Monday, March 14, 2016


That Chicago bound negro child toy train wreck allegory happened along Hwy.56, outside of Montezuma's Revenge, Kansas; where that strange alien looking LAmanite Harvard graduate from Texas recently won the Republican Party's primary. ~ ~ Because Bernie Sander's emotionally immature fascistic Jewish marxist thugs who show up at Trump rallies are motivated more by the substance of his message. And not so much by the hard to take style of his grownup manliness. ~ ~ [Think Sacha Baron] ~ ~ When was the last time that an ugly scarely looking dark skinned mob of Donald Trump supporters suddenly showed up on cue at some anti democracy Bernie Sanders rally in support of Islamic refugees and tried to shut it down? ~ ~ Hence, the Biblical REV.12 flooding in the southern third section of the three-part breakup of America in REV.16. ~ ~ And then the wicked filthy dirty [PLANET OF THE APES] niggers go to war against the more clean looking white skinned [THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:I&II] guys who were always in full support of those two white european witnesses of Judah and Ephraim on the radio in REV.11, ISAIAH 11, NEPHI 11, etc. etc. ~ ~ Who had managed to stem the flood of lawless alien invaders before they could destroyed the Scottish golf course templar rites of the Presbyterian church woman and her Jesus baby child. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GREMLINS NOTES: Those trouble making Gremlins first appeared in WWII, causing so many of America's B 24/25 bombers to suddenly crash and burn. Hence, Kenny Kemp's inspired fascination with their lost tribes of Israel metaphors. GREMLINS, the movie, being about the sudden unexpected return of the WWII beast, in the born again form of: ~ ~ You make fun of white people, I have my black people make fun of you.
~ ~ BIG CRY BABY NOTES: No coincidence that Johnny Depp has now joined Glenn Beck in his condemnation of Donald Trump as being a brat. ~ ~ Even before Beck started to ridicule the birthers and call them names, many of the Texas Rangers men in his audience were beginng to turn off his radio show. Because they were all getting kind of creeped out by his rather strange and increasingly frequent on-air weeping bouts. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Come hell or high water, I will be voting for you in 16. Wild horses could not stop me. ~ ~ That said. If in the meantime, I have a little fun with comparing you to that older blond haired man with the trophy wife in the SEAN OF THE DEAD prophecy, who owns and operates the REMINGTON rifle made WINDCHESTER pub in north London; I'm only doing it because I fancy having a go with both Carey Mulligan and Keira Kneightley at the same time. Since my older middle aged exwives still don't want to have anything to do with me. ~ ~ The younger the better, and all that. ~ ~

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