Saturday, March 19, 2016


It now appears that the actual 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9 started at the end of the 42 final months term in REV.11. ~ ~ When it was manifested by God on January 20, 2016 that Donald Trump will be elected the next President of America. ~ ~ Even the one who will build the "wall" and rebuild the "street" that was over taken by the peoples of the dark day 1290 prince of Egypt and sodom in Arizona on the Sabbath. ~ ~ See the inspired tweets at: ~ ~ Notice the many accusatory signs of the "accuser" in REV.12. ~ ~ Which basically say the same thing that those crazy 1260 days squares at the LDS CHURCH NEWS are still saying to this very day in SLC, UT. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: 70 weeks will be enough to do it. But it will take the entire born again era of the physical transfiguration to finish what it started. ~ ~ WEDDING CRASHERS NOTES: The blond haired German beer drinking Jew nose guy named Beck/with, from Dallas, Texas, in this particular election 16 [two witnesses period] prophecy represents a phyisically  transfigured Donald Trump figure, at: ~ ~ The other taller, mixed race Lebanese Christian Jew figure from Chicago, who looks like he is falling down backwards, represents today's born again Reaganite era Democrats. ~ ~ RACIST NOTES: Becoming more aware of the skin color of a person's physical body will be a key factor in the upcoming physical transfiguration process. ~ ~ Of course, the Jews and the negros already know this. The biggest challenge will be to get the polite white people in high society to openly admit it.

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