Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The 104 longitude line that is crossed in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS represents my symbolic royal sire penis in Picasso's blue period BOY WITH A PIPE portrait that sold at auction to some Italiano spaghetti no.9 sauce mogal for 104 big ones, at: ~ ~ Per the 1977 film's theme about the decadent food and fare of Babylon being the cause of so many children being born today who look like the movie's little retarded down's syndrome aliens. ~ ~ Which was immediately confirmed of course by that crazy Egyptian who tried to impress his Miley Cyprus girlfriend on an instagram posting, at: ~ ~ Not to mention that new case about Elton John becoming just a little bit too obsessed with his [mighty and strong] body guard's penis in D&C 85 and ISAIAH 11.1 meets me at D&C 113. ~ ~ Which reminds me. Back when I was staying in the basement of a Jewish friend's house on 47th in Seattle's U-District. ~ ~ The local police blotter newspaper, called THE OUTLOOK, was all agaga about some strange man who was slowly trolling around the area with an open roadmap on his lap. Who would stop to ask some lady on the sidewalk if she knew where a certain place on the Seattle city map was. Then right when she would lean into his car window to get a closer look at it, he would suddenly pull it away and expose his big boner to her and ask her to kiss it. ~ ~ Remember, this was light years before anyone ever heard of Bill Clinton. ~ ~ Not to mention yours truly. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT HAPPENS: Turns out that the guy in Florida who is pressing charges against Trump er all is just another Jew, at: ~ ~
PS TRUMP: There is absolutely no difference between your new sexual her ass case, and Elton John's new his ass case. ~ ~ A cunt by any other name is still a cunt.

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