Wednesday, March 9, 2016


That illegal alien Will Forte look alike shooter was finally caught in the Wellsville, Missouri area; just hours after the polls closed in the poisoned election wells up in and around Mitt, Michigan. ~ ~ And Florida's MARCO 13:14 short man out player figure in SEMI PRO, who was traded for a commercial size washing machine, [machine politics] finished the prophetic FLINT TROPICS' last and final season in 4th place. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WND NOTES: The senior editor at just endorsed the blatantly unconstitutional Ted Cruz because he knows that Donald Trump is a secret Mormon Masonite no.34 ocult follower. ~ ~  Exactly like the mainstream media Jews went ahead and endorsed the illegal alien Barack Obama anyway; just in order to save the world from global warming destruction. ~ ~ The end justifies the means, yada yada. ~ ~ "Sometimes a girl has to act naughty..." DOMINO. ~ ~ MIDNIGHT COWBOY NOTES: The Baron just showed up at some NYC screening for his latest new film festival film role playing The Don, at: ~ ~ WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT NOTES: I school that Micheal Caine look alike in MOONWALKERS for a physical transfiguration thing in MOONSTRUCK meets MANHATTAN. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Why in the world would any of you amoral atheist Jews, who were born in Brooklyn, even give a flying fuck if one of your middleaged nextdoor neighbors is loudly fucking two underaged virgin teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Good for him, if he has that kind of money. ~ ~ Wish you too were so lucky. ~ ~ SECRET SAUCY NOTES: Those 9 firefighters were injured from smoking too much of the mighty and strong green grass weed at a rather stinky natural gas fart explosion in Seattle at D/C 85th Ave and Greenwood; for a DON VERDEAN evergreen theme. ~ ~ They don't call it 'The Emerald City' for nothing. ~ ~ Once upon a time known as 'The Jet City' back when I was growing up there as a HASTY TASTY grill cook in the 19666s. And then suddenly, out of the blue, I got a casting call from Jesus in SLC, UT to pack my bags and immediately show up on the set of Federico Fellini's latest opus entitled ROMA. ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: In the recent months, my dreams about you have progressed from you only wanting to be my coffee shop chick-chat friend; to you wanting to be my afternoon delight three-way fuck buddy friend; to you wanting to become my Branch Dravidian templar Mormon poligamyst wife forever and ever. ~ ~

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