Saturday, March 5, 2016


I knew that this year was going to be it when I saw some new pre Donald Trump DVD movie made back in 14 at WALMART called DON VERDEAN [evergreen]. Which was made by that 42 attitude [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] team of the Germanic Israeitish Jared Hess BYU filmmaker and his uber white wife. ~ ~ That portrays yours truly as some big time small town religion guru fraud. ~ ~ In confirmation of Mr.Mitt accusing me too of being a late night communist AM radio fellow traveler dog "fraud" with The Don  at his UU's Gordon B. Hinckley institute of higher [LSD] learning presser. ~ ~ Talk about being in with the groovy moderate toned-down [Cool it] Mormon mile-high in-crowd, circa 16. ~ ~ And all of the big money and big time casting in the world can't put HUMPTY DUMPTY  back together again. ~ ~ You have to crack a couple of eggs to make an omlette, and all that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: Today's vote in The Big N.O. is for you baby. ~ ~ So now I want my money. ~ ~ In other words, for every 30 big ones that I give you, you owe me 3 of them in loan shark interest; starting this year. ~ ~ Otherwise, I lose interest in you, and I start spending most of my time with the likes of my royal family of England [cousins] fuck buddies like Ms Windsor, at: ~ ~
~ ~ You punish me for being a cheap ass coin-operated "phony" bad boy, depicted talking to you on a 666s era pay phone,  I punish you for being a genuine real bad girl college grad idiot. ~ ~That tired old cliche about "shit happens" is a relatively true precept. ~ ~

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