Saturday, March 26, 2016


That little tweetie bird that lighted on the stump when Bernie Sanders was starting his weekend stomp speech stadium tour of the Pacific Northwest, was Jesus reminding us that even the little birds don't need 666 fascism to feel secure about having enough to eat and enough to wear. ~ ~ Hence, Donald Trump's regular campaign tweets that will even continue throughout his terms as the President of America. ~ ~ Why waste your time doing press conferences with all of those Jew fucks from the media; when one can just tweet it, and be done with it? ~ ~  GSR/TWN ~ ~ YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS NOTES: Pee-Wee's neighbor from the big house is a prophetic portrait of my friend and neighbor in Bonney Lake, Washington, Bruce Troxell. ~ ~ Who I first met in film school at BYU in 1985. ~ ~ Shortly before the big guy was forced to accept a job as a prison guard at some Nevada casino state prison. Because he needed their health insurance plan for his child. ~ ~ I still remember that. ~ ~ So guess who now gets to pay for his next fantasy clean-cut Internet series of movies, or his next 24 episodes of wholesome TV shows; whatever. Oh yeah, what goes around comes around. ~ ~ PS BECK: You have to be truthful if you want to be my friend, like at: ~ ~ Much less enjoy having the kind of girlfriends like I have at: ~ ~
AP:II&III NOTES: I'm still working on Pee-Wee's rather perverted movie that was made in 1985. ~ ~ That said, one can only guess that Brussels' Dr.Evil suddenly showing up from outer space on the Jewish Jerry Springer show in Gov. Kasich's state of Ohio would have something to do with the new birth of the white Nazis on the show. ~ ~ I know. Donald Trump is not even a Nazi. But this is obviously the way that today's brain/dead washed college kids see him. Which is the only thing that matters right now. ~ ~ "A mind fuck can be very nice." Dr.Frankenfurter, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

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