Wednesday, March 30, 2016


THE SUPREMES' 4-4 vote to let today's 666 unionism status quo remain in place is what Berbie Sanders' CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD WAY is all about. ~ ~ Wherein we see Neve Campbell at 44 minutes into the 44 latitude movie that features a protagonist born in 44. Who drives a Paul Nestor style woody station wagon with '44...' plates. ~ ~ And we hear the future ESPN announcer on tv say that the OJ runner was stopped on the 44 yard line. ~ ~ Remember, Dirty Harry used a .44 on the San Francisco mob bosses; Son of Sam and his talking dog also used a .44; and the taxi driver in TAXI DRIVER's campaign season prophecy also uses a .44. ~ ~ Ergo, Woody Allen's 44th movie was MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT; and so it goes, over and over again, at:
 ~ ~ Heck, the special prophetic 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim was coming to a climax when I my self was 44. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REAL TIME NOTES: In real life, Paul Nestor was actually driving a gray 1962 JFK assassination hard top LINCOLN sedan, with personalised plates that read, 'IMD14U', when I first met him only the day after my exwife called me from France to tell me that she no longer wanted to be married to me.,. Shit happens. ~ ~ And then just a few years later, some local female AG in Seattle made him an offer to pleed 104k in owed debts to his stiffed consumer customers, plus ten days in jail. ~ ~ Looking back on it now. It seems like that huuuge amount of money was like a $104,000,000 gazillion. ~ ~ As it turned out; I seem to remember that he only spent about 2.5 days in jail for two full weekends. Which would add up to a total of 5 days of real life half time. ~ ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: Donald Trump will win the election in 2016 because he is a Reaganite Jew. And today's media is run by the Jews. ~ ~ Chose your poison. ~ ~ Do you want your government to be run by white Christian men? ~ ~ Or do you want your government to be run by white Jewish lesbians? ~ ~™

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