Monday, March 21, 2016


Where have we heard that one before? ~ ~ Anywho. They started doing WEDDING CRASHERS back on March 22, in 2004. ~ ~ In Divine confirmation of the movie's "12 years ago" line that set up the stage play tragedy for today's big political wedding party crash by Donald Trump er all in 2016. ~ ~ When the establishment Republicans would be trying to convince their own party's elected delegates that they do not have to feel like they are married to any particular candidate right now. Remember, Trump turns 70 during this year's upcoming three weeks [21 days] wedding season in June. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE NEXT PRESIDENT NOTES: In the above huuuge party crashers prophecy, the next president of America was the extremely white anti hero star of that 1985ish Regan era James Bond movie called A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ STEVE NOTES: Reportedly, Steve has a new blue grass banjo [DELIVERANCE] musical theme play that features a revolving unibomber's remote cabin in Montana. ~ ~ I read about it in the NYT, so you never know. ~ ~ But I would go see it anyway; because Steve is in it. ~ ~ LA STORY NOTES: This movie's final pre-production rewrite was pre-conceived about me when I was still living in LA in 89 and still fantasizing about becoming a Cinderella story screenwriter success, at: ~ ~ Hence, the script's older guy fucking that much younger babe with no sagging tits, or scretch marks on her aging ass in the Mel Gibson era movie. ~ ~ Oh yeah. I should have been an actor back then. And not pretending to be some kind of a genious screenwriter/director, with no track record to speak of, who insisted on having last-cut rights. ~ ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON: That image of Barack Obama in Cuba, featuring your government housing conctete structure complex in the background is why you left me; and then you married some much older man named Steve; inside of some fantasy religion Catholic church in Washington County, Oregon. ~ ~ The first shall be last. And the last shall be first. ~ ~ In other words. I get to fuck Miley Sire Us and Cara Delevigne before Sandra Bullock and Elizabeth Hurley get to fuck me. ~ ~ Not to mention Jennifer Aniston. ~ ~ However, I do want to fuck her too; let's not kid ourselves here. ~ ~ Heck, at this particular point in time, I would love to fuck both Uma Therman and Laura Dern at the same time. If God told me to do it. ~ ~ I should be so lucky.

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