Monday, March 25, 2013


Both the production schedules and the release roll outs of MELINDA AND MELINDA and MATCH POINT happened to overlap for a three-way time-line sign from G-d, as per: ~ AND: ~ In fact, at first I thought that I was supposed to watch the inspired struggling actor motifs in MELINDA AND MELINDA. But about one third into it, I was suddenly impressed to overlap my viewing with a look at my long lost dust covered DVD of MATCH POINT. Wherein one of my wives has a cheery disposition, and the other one is your typically crazy Jewish American Princess. ~ [Think JR meets JG meets JA, especially after their looks start to fade.] ~ Hence, the two overlapping story lines in the above two movies are both about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LUCKY U NOTES: This cell phone mirror image mirrors the iPAD mirror image in MATCH POINT where I AM is getting lucky with Scarlett Johansson at 57:... minutes into my DVD, per: ~ AND: ~ The burglary of Keira Knightley's flat was a MATCH POINT prelude. [Almost all your portable DVD players have AM/ FM two witnesses radio.] ~ DARK NOTES: That Barack Obama figure walks by in MATCH POINT when Chris and Chloe come out of the witch doctor's office at 57:... minutes. Who will be the day 1290 Indian medicine doctor who delivers the new baby boy in REV.12.~ Ergo, Jessica Biel is now trying to get pregnant by JT, but it's taking a bit longer than they had hoped.~ PS 770 DAVID BOSE [RADIO] PERSONALITY: The only thing that white American men are interested in right now is the curious case of Barack Obama's well known forged citizenship documents. The more you don't talk about it, the more interesting it gets; "I like to leave something to the imagination..." [Emma Watson] ~ OH YEAH NOTES: Check out my gay-in-the-saddle LONE RANGER meets URBAN COWBOY sidekick, Jim Carrey, role playing all my mindless darkie critics on the left, at: ~ HEE HAWS' 196666s mascock was the Democrat Party's mule/donkey logo and all that hint hint, wink wink, half breed donkey shit. [Never underestimate a crazy vagina comedian from Tonto, Canada who got his big break on some colored tv show for niggers.] ~ THIS JUST IN YOUR ASS: 6.2 in BOOK OF MORMON country for old Mormon faggots, at: ~ March 25 being the Howard Stern anniversary when the swinging 1970s devil made a deal with President Kim/ball in SLC, UT. Who at the time was suffering from DEEP THROAT style XXX cancer. ~ PS BUD: More right-wing conservativism, less half Jewish neo con right-wing populism.

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