Sunday, June 28, 2015


I decided to relax and take a brake Saturday evening and just enjoy watching THE MALTESE FALCON. ~ ~ Which was all about Obama's fake [birth certificate] black raptor bird idol; that eventually would lead all of those fat older Jews, short perfumed queers, and childish baby-face trigger happy niggers with guns in the San Francisco Bay area into eternal captivity. ~ ~ After I had read that some break-dancer nigger in north Africa had unmercifally killed all of those northern European women who were just too fat and too old to be wearing skinny ELIZABETH HURLEY BEACH brand bikinis anyway-in-the-first-place. ~ ~ So why not just put them out of their misery now, rather than later. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOW WHAT NOW? NOTES: One of the main lessons that we can learn from all of this is that Elizabeth Hurley can actually be a pretty decent actress when she has the right director who inspires her; Sienna Miller, same thing. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ BAY AREA NOTES: That is the 'Bay Bridge' to Berkeley and Oakham's, California that we see outside in the background through Sam Spade's office windows in THE MALTESE FALCON prophecy. PS PARIS: Your performance in that wax museum horror movie remake was as good as anything that I have ever seen on the big screen. Not quite on the level of a Lindsay Lohan or a Dakota Fanning; but damn good enough for me, nevertheless. ~ ~ NOTES FOR GUYS: Right now, you need to hire a special real estate agent to research every single property that is for sale now in Tuscany, and then get back to me. ~ ~ In my world, I end up owning practically everything in Toscana and Montana that is worth owning.

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