Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Charlie got the shits big time on the late night Clyde Lewis radio hour in confirmation of that clams bar shot in Natalie Merchant's official Republican Party NYC video called CARNIVAL. ~ ~ Or as Woody Allen says in BLUE JASMINE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM; you wish you were dead when you eat a plate of bad clams. ~ ~ For example, that Lincoln Tunnel double bus crash confirmation was for Bill O'Reilly's recent book about killing the first Jewish neo con president of America. Whose crazy ass Jewish wife eventually had to be locked up in a mental institution, as suggested today at: ~ ~ Basically, Jerry Lewis' really strange LADIES' MAN movie was a prophecy about today's Greek columns White House. When the white-face woman in black is desecrating the temple behind the green door, as it were. ~ ~ And nobody dares talk about it. ~ ~ But in the end, all the girls start screaming and beg me to stay and protect them when the tunneling underground 666 gopher beast in REV.17 starts to attack them. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS STARBUCKS: I can tell that your new Hawaii blend is full of good intentions. But you guys in Seattle are trying to take cheap shortcuts by darkening the beans too much. Instead of sticking with your original 1990s [1260 days] full city roast business plan: and thereby achieving that darker full flavor by using more beans in the brewing process. Not less beans that only look darker, but have no flavor left in them. Kind of like taking a great corn fed top sirloin cut and overcocking all of the meaty liver flavor out of it. ~ ~ OKIES NOTIES: Say what you will about Oaklahomo, I'd bet that at least half of the blond women in that state still have a look alike thing for Barack Obama et al, like at: ~ ~ Guess it's now high time to reintroduce the Biblical principle of Mormon polygamy. Before the queers, Jews, and niggers take over everything and destroy America. ~ ~ Not to mention the LDS D&C 86 church in Utah and Idaho. ~ ~ PS RL: Have your agent look into buying that rarified ranch property along the river that flows south of the Wheatland Resivoir in the Medicine Bow Mtns. You may not make any money on the deal right now. But you won't lose any money on the deal either. Which is all that one would want to worry about right now. ~ ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: If my exwife just can't make it to Utah right now, for whatever reason... You know what to do. ~ ~ Heck, you might as well stop by Terry McKnight's peach orchard estate in Utah County while you're at it. ~ ~ For whatever it's worth, the really cute blond dude is hung like a mule. And he has one of the nicest most supportive fit-and-trim wives that any man or any woman could ever want.

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