Saturday, May 10, 2014


Yesterday's news about the Catholic Pope being a die hard Third-Way Marxist from Madonna's Evitaville, now presiding over the seven hills of ROMA in REV.13, etc. was my cue to watch the prophetically inspired 1964 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled THE LITTLE WONDERS; co-starring Pussy Galore. ~ ~ Wherein the great and abominable church of the REV.17 whore in D&C 86 has even beguiled the leadership of the new and improved RLDS church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Which is the only true church in the world today; if we are to believe in the spoken word revelations recorded at ~ ~ Ergo, THE LITTLE WONDERS episode opens with the Rev. Barack Obama flying into England on PAN AFRICA flight no.583 and immediately getting busted by the Internet police for carrying falsified ID papers, etc. etc. ~ ~ Then later, we learn that the secret micro film information contained in that doll's head represents the future GSR/TWN information that Miranda Kerr is also carrying around in her head as she travels across the globe. ~ ~ The fact that the 1964 show's old world doll was made in Germany is just another Gisele Bundchen jungle thing. ~ ~ They don't call Seattle The Emerald City for nothing. As just confirmed by that hot air state fair balloon that suddenly burst into flames in Carline County, Virginia. Gisele's middle name being Caroline and all that. ~ ~ Plus, right there by these ominous Hwy.301 landmark signs and wonders is a religious roller coaster theme park called KING'S DOMINION. ~ ~ "You and your lady friend could live like kings!!..." [THE LITTLE WONDERS] ~ ~ See what I think this means at: AND: ~ ~ Remember, "If you don't think like I think then you are not thinking." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGHTMARE NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Chicago's native son Vince Vaughn got electrocuted to death when he tried to grab my extra-large size SAMSONITE suitcase full of tax free cash money at a small third world international airport somewhere. ~ ~ Once upon a time, way back in the 1980s, Chicago was often portrayed in all of those Jewish made Hollywood movies as some kind of a bastion for right-wing Nazi Republicans. And so now that all of their liberal fantasy movies have turned out to be complete bullshit, they are only left with going after the CLIPPERS's Howard Stern style Reagan Democrat billionaire owner.

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