Monday, May 12, 2014


Sunday, I stopped into GOODWILL to pick up their used copy of DIE ANOTHER DAY. Because the 2002 007 GSR/TWN prophecy was about me and my mulatto girlfriend sidekick from Chicago who has a man's haircut in the movie. ~ ~ Then that night, I read that a tranny from Hitler's native Austria had won the EUROVISION prize for his rendition of the James Bond theme song entitled RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly suddenly goes from having nothing and just barley surviving to having everything. After he sees Chicago's Halle Berry rising up from the REV.13:1 sea in Cuba. And then we hear that prophetic "London calling..." song about me becoming the future King of England. ~ ~ Which is why I also accidentally found a very small 2008 paperback at GOODWILL called THE FALSE PROPHET; that is apparently about some crazy return RLDS missionary from Brazil who wanted to convert all of Adriana Lima's little precious orphans into warriors for Christ. ~ ~ And then I saw that recent bio-picture about yours truly entitled CRAZY HEART, so I grabbed that too; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SECRET RECIPE: I'll call this one 'Salmon Ariana'; Mash together two cans of pink boneless salmon with one whole egg; one cup of PROGRESSO's Italian bread crumbs, and a cup of diced sweet onions. Then either bake it in a loaf pan as a French style fish pate meatloaf, or make it into hamburger-like hand-job patties and fry it up using light olive oil. Whatever, serve it with a side of wild rice the one way, or as a McDONALDS style fish-wich sandwich with lots of lettuce on grilled EZE:4;9 bread the other way. [Never use wholewheat bread sweetened with honey on a fish sandwich.] ~ ~ THIS JUST IN: That greasy ass Democrat primary candidate in North Caroline, nicknamed Mr.CRISCO, who was just too afraid to talk about his opponent's slimy homogaysexuality just died. ~ ~ In other other words, if you are too afraid to talk about Obama's confirmed usage of a stolen Social Security number from Conn. then you too are going to die and then rise up again from the grave. ~ ~ Think Roger Moore meets Patrick MacNee meets Nyle Smith. ~ ~ Don't matter how big you are in this life; you lie you die. ~ ~ PS OBAMA: Why have some old white ugly fucker with a triple chin, who looks like a white man version of the CLIPPERS' Jew fuck owner, suck on your cock when you could have a much more younger and hipper Mr Clay do the job for you instead? ~ ~ GREEN LAKE NOTES: The nice thing about taking fly-fishing lessons on Seattle's legendary T-docks is that they only use very well seasoned 25 year-old Chinese Tonkin cane bamboo rods. Plus, one does not have to spend thousands of dollars on private jets and exclusive bed and breakfast resorts in places like West Yellowstone or Billings, Montana. ~ ~ On the other hand, one can buy a very nice 25 year-old Islay scotch in tax-free Montana for about half the price. ~ ~ RATHER PERSONAL NOTE: As I have become somewhat older and wiser, I only prefer fly-fishing for native coastal cutthroats and rainbows in the 9" range. Because that is where the pan-fried flavor is skin and all; per the way that my neo Nazi stepfather raised me. ~ ~ In other words, if you like guys who look like those long hair guys in pancake makeup from Austria in BARRY LYNDON meets THE THIRD MAN, I am the man for you.

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