Thursday, May 15, 2014


THE CLASH were recording their underground GSR/TWN prophecy entitled LONDON CALLING at the same time that my French ex-wife left me. ~ ~ Which is why Princess Diana symbolically died another day in an underground crash in Paris because she was fucking some guy from the Sodom and Egypt prophecy explained in my 1260-1290 days newsletters. ~ ~ You fuck me, I fuck you. ~ ~ Jesus Christ forgives no one who does not confess to their crimes. And the crime of adultery is second only to murder. ~ ~ And the "on the down low" crime of Barack Obama type homogaysexuality follows right after that. ~ ~ If it helps at all, go listen to the second song on THE CLASH's album entitled LONDON CALLING at YouTube, which is about GG's Jesus Christ CADILLAC SEDAN DE DEVILLE, circa 1990. The same year when Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart were born to rule over the pop culture of the royal House of Israel. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO LAW NO GUILT NOTES: Jesus forgave that adulteress in the Bible who was caught in the act because at that particular time, everybody was fucking the whore of Babylon; just like in the latter-days of Noah, etc. When the two witnesses would appear in today's New Jerusalem that represents the old Jerusalem, where our Lord was crucified. ~ ~ NYT NEWS NOTES: That dirty little rich Jew fuck who controls the NYT fired Ms Abramson because I was starting to get to her. Case closed. ~ ~ Think NBC got rid of Jay Leno for the same reason. ~ ~ No coincidence that Jill Abramson looks like a caricature of Jodie Foster on some NYT editorial page, at: ~ ~ Rumor has it, she was always clashing with that money pinching Jew at the paper nicknamed Mr.Pinch. ~ ~ MAGIC JOHNSON NOTES: Magic is still on the down low of course. And how do I know that? ~ ~ Easy, he never did admit to being there in the first place. Plus, he still has the face of a sweet little Negro boy, who never had a daddy, after all these years. ~ ~ Just like those nice looking little negro boys who were adopted by Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron still do not have no real daddy in their lives. Not to mention Naomi Watts, Kate Holmes, Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley, Miranda Kerr, Madonna, Donatella Greco; and the list goes on. [Don't forget Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman.] ~ ~ NEOCON NOTES: Today's polite society Jews from Harvard and Yale et al who are still sticking up for Barack Obama, like George Bush 1&2 and Michael Medved, are about to be forced to swallow a very big horse pill. ~ ~ Think CRAZY HORSE meets TO DIE FOR. ~ ~ COURT RULING NOTE: The g-d of Israel has been patiently awaiting America's court rulings on gay marriage before he feels fully justified in handing down his death sentence upon her. And there ain't nothing that the not yet born-again Glenn Beck or Clyde Lewis can do to stop him; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ FFING NOTES: Montana's official mayfly fishing season opens this next Saturday. See ya on the flip side.

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