Sunday, May 4, 2014


Those 9th floor high flying acrobats who fell from on high in Steven Fresh's Providence/Boston area represented today's high society Mormon Republicans. Remember, Gisele Bundchen's official number is 9. ~ ~ Which is the number of perfection; and therefore it is also the Divine Providential number that means that it's all over, finito. You can't do any better than that. ~ ~ As metaphorically portrayed in the prophetic QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH episode of THE AVENGERS, 1966. That ended with the same kind of gala dance balls that were held by VANITY FAIR et al right after this weekend's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Of course, by now everybody and his dog knows that today's high society media screwed the pooch when it comes to the abomination of desolation and the two witnesses. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MEDIA CIRCUS CIRCUS NOTES: Those fallen 9 high-fliers in Providence were a DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER confirmation of that amazing gems and diamonds studded necklace in Sunday's NYT. ~ ~ Think about it. How could anyone add even one more precious [Emma] stone to that? Plus, the last time that I ever talked to Steven Fresh on the phone, he informed me that all the big 666 money right now is in what they call "GEM" for "government, education, and medicine". ~ ~ Heck, I would bet dollars-to-donuts that a major share of the business that my long lost eye doctor buddy Kit Winn does at his SEARS location in Lynwood is paid for by Medicaid and Medicare. Per my Providence, RI days when Steven Fresh took me on a tour of all those amazing sailboats tied up in Newport. Back when he was selling machines that could automatically diagnose blindness, etc. [Kit's father once owned a 50' sailboat that was made out of a converted whale boat. Which he always kept tied up on a floating boathouse dock below the UW's boathouse theater. I shit you not.] ~ ~ PLEASE DON'T EVEN CALL ME NOTES: My new unlisted phone number that is legally and legitimately registered under someone else's front-name is in the B.C. area. So don't bother me. ~ ~ Dittos goes for my front man operator in the Bahamas. Who only takes calls from people who have already deposited their off-shore tax-free up-front contract-money in his name; no screenplay questions asked. ~ ~ STEED NOTES: The star of THE AVENGERS was an inspired avid nudist tennis player who lived in the San Diego area during the off-season. Because nakedness is a metaphor for sin in the Bible, etc. ~ ~ NEW NOTTING HILL NOTES: Hugh Grant is finally starting to look old enough to play the lead role in some kind of a remake of THE AVENGERS, circa 1969. ~ ~ What? You don't even own one of those new amazing home-video cameras with studio quality HD imagery? And you are still too cheap to even fork out about two weeks worth of minimum wages for a few union crew sound, grip, and editor people? ~ ~ Maybe you don't deserve the career comeback that god wants you to have; per that 1966 episode of THE AVENGED NERDS entitled THE 13TH HOLE. Wherein you love to slack off and go golfing and texting more than you love the word of god. Even though Cara Delevigne would do absolutely almost anything to be in your next picture. And so would Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock for that matter. Not to mention Elizabeth Hurley; who would probably be putting up half of the money anyway; just to make her horny fly-fishing middle-aged Iggy Pop looking hubby happy. Who represents that Harold Robbins paperback novelist figure in the 1980s MAGNUM PI series who liked to fuck two 19 year-olds on his CANNES FILM FESTIVAL yacht at the same time. While letting me hang out in his guest house on the vast estate of Jennifer Aniston. [Though I would prefer staying in Ms. Cox' little private quiet love shack above the beach in Malibu. Next-door to Julia Roberts' place.]

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