Saturday, May 3, 2014


After Clyde had made his case Thursday night about me being the fictional RONALD McDONALD figure in your dreams, some dude named after Jesus Christ called in from the 'Michigan mit' state of the north that looks like a monster with fangs. ~ ~ Who proceeded to tell him that he saw my midnight owl [INVISIBLE MAN] figure with no known face in a real-live dream on 4.29. Wherein I was talking to him, but he did not understand a word that I was saying. ~ ~ Then back at his symbolic Granny Grass home, he saw the word 'RE' on her monthly calendar, that means 'king' in French. But of course, Clyde was just phoning it in at that point; having no idea what the guy was talking about, next caller. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: Why listen to Rush Limbaugh mocking birthers on open line Friday anymore? When one can have so much more fun sleeping in, west coast style, and then listening later to late night GROUND ZERO radio? Where nobody is too afraid to call in and talk about aliens and monsters. ~ ~ SWEET REVENGE NOTES: One of the best black and white 1966 episodes of THE AVENGERS is QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. Which is about a communist dance studio front allegory about today's liberal media who are dancing with the imposter Barack Obama; complete with fake foreign-student-aid graduation diploma documentation papers. Per that fake PURBRIGHT CO. door number 301 that stands for Sheriff Joe's fatal 3.01 press conference about Obama's forged birth certificate, etc. ~ ~ Talk about the sudden unexpected upcoming 9th floor fall from on high. ~ ~ Which comes to pass after the episode's "...FRESH CO..." background back-story reference to Steven Fresh et al; who grew up in Boston. Wherein we see that Mormon faker's baby buggy in REV.12; after yours truly turns the corner too fast in my vintage TRIUMPH sports car. ~ ~ Note that one cannot see well enough to recognize the driver; and in the near background there is a sign that says 'THE RISE' of the triumph of the will of the new beast in REV.13:1. ~ ~ After the first neo-Jewish Internet international bankers 666 beast was put down like a rabid dog. And then the iconic Jew figure was miraculously brought back to life by all of those 1930s-1940s Frankenstein allegories about FDR and David Letterman et al. ~ ~ WORD TO THE WISE: I don't slow down and stop for nobody. So you best get out of my way. ~ ~ MY NEXT PROJECT NOTES: This time next year I will resemble Iggy Pop, thick blond locks and all. And I will be the most famous underground art film movie star in Hollywood. Finally, after all these years, all of those weird looking Angelina Jolie look alike billboards hanging above everyone's heads on Sunset Blvd are going to pay off. ~ ~ For example, see these prophetic images at: ~ ~ This being the same skinny long-hair man who 86ed Clyde Lewis' neck in his typical D&C 86 wheat field harvest dream. Around where they made that dreamy surreal Truman Capote docudrama called CAPOTE. Because the lost sons of Israel are still too stiff-necked to believe in the Book of Mormon, etc.

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