Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I only got to the final third act of 1984's prophetic FOOTLOOSE sensation last night, filmed in Lehi, Utah, and already Bruce Willis had a new-born-again baby girl confirmation of the kids crossing over that bloody meat cleaver Red River state line landmark in Willis, Oklahoma. ~ ~ God does work in mysterious ways. Just ask my little dirty dancer wife Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ Because basically, the iconic Kevin Bacon movie that featured the obviously Jewish Sara Jessica Parker was about a small minded town in the Bible Belt that had banned polygamy. ~ ~ Contrary to the teachings of the Bible. ~ ~ Wherein the young-at-heart kids had to drive all the way down to Texas in order to have a little fun three-way dancing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRISM TOUR NOTES: The above movie's dumb Christian beastie boy has a gay-ass prism pyramid rainbow decal on his buck pickup that stands for Katy Perry's upcoming rebellious PRISM tour concert dancing fests. ~ ~ You whore around with Babylon, I get to whore around with my underaged wives who are not even married to me, yet. ~ ~ A dick for a dick is still the law of Israel. And so is capital punishment, if you sincerely believe that it is wrong to kill somebody. ~ ~ DON'T BOTHER ME NOTES: My friends with money get to hang out with the likes of Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, and Mel Gibson, etc. Wealth has it's privileges. ~ ~ HALF NOTES: Please try to keep up with me people. I'm only in this for my long term health, like at: ~ ~ PANIC AT THE DISCO NOTES: When you see me hanging around some luxury 4-star hotel pool with Lindsay Lohan in the south of France, you will know without a doubt that the end is near.

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