Sunday, May 25, 2014


Like I could give a fuck if some old 1980s style Reagan Democrat FARTMAN figure still refers to African Americans as blacks. Because he doesn't want his half black girlfriend to be fucking any of those NBA big foot niggers who might have the REV.9 AIDS virus plague. ~ ~ Hey Rusty, half of the NBA teams are owned by Jews, and the other half are owned by half Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FORGOTTEN MEMORIES NOTES: At the end of the 1980s Reaganite MAGNUM P.I. series' episode entitled BACK FROM THE SEA, a middle-aged British vet with died hair rescues the Hollywood, America vet; which ended with a Lake Tapps, Bonnie Lake, Washington memorial salute to the brave men who died in that M.A.S.H. potatoes prophecy that came out during the Viet Nam war. ~ ~ Think the tall Jewish John Kerry actor meets the tall half Jewish John Wayne. ~ ~ WAG THE DOG: II NOTES: Barack Obama suddenly showed up in Afganistan because of the pending GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA scandal that is about to break, like at: ~ ~ BROWN CANDY NOTES: Based on today's Black Sea election results in the Uk, I would be watching the WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCKOLATE CANDY FACTORY billionaire prophecy later tonight; don't have a copy though. ~ ~ WHITE HOUSE MOLE NOTES: As Barack Obama's most private and personal advisor, I would advise him to not listen anymore to conservative talk radio. If they are still too afraid, and too weak, and too childish to even tell the basic truth about you, why would you ever need to be afraid of them? ~ ~ Just keep on doing what God wants you to do; and fuck them and the 666 horse that they rode in on.

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