Saturday, May 24, 2014


I didn't hear about that Memorial Day weekend shooter in Santa Barbara until the morning after I saw Tom Selleck shooting all of those people on a crowded sidewalk with his war veteran's semi-auto .45. ~ ~ So have a look at the dude who looks like a creepy physically transfigured version of that gay guy in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, at: ~ ~ Ain't David Lynch style Buddhist karma a bitch. ~ ~ Even when it is a bit melodramatic and over the top. Just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JOHN WATERS: You either make another breakout actor sequel to CRY BABY, co-starring the Beaver and an older Lady Gaga, or else. If the money is right of course. And I get to play that old guy with the die job who drives a mint condition 1950s HUDSON. Who doesn't give a fuck if Jennifer Aniston or Carey Mulligan are married or not. ~ ~ [I gotta start somewhere, even before the physical transfiguration kicks in; because I need the money now, not later.] ~ ~ MAGNUM P.I. NOTES: Most fans of the 1980s Ronald Reagan tv show would say that MEMORIES ARE FOREVER: I&II was Tom Selleck's most crazy and angry dark role of the entire 1980-1988 series. ~ ~ NOTES FOR CHRISTIAN MORMON DUMMIES: The Iranian rug that ties the room together in THE BIG LEBOWSKI is a vagina icon. Hence the "hard on" phone call recording when we first get a good look at it. I.e. it ties together the left and right two witnesses in the room who are both fucking the whore of Babylon in REV.17, etc. The 1998 movie's naive fainthearted character named Donnie represents Provo, Utah's Donnie Osmond. Who is completely out of his element when it comes to last days prophecy. And lays down and plays dead when he can't stand to see the righteous arguing with the unrighteous; just like a little girl. ~ THIGH CUISINE NOTES: The right wing militia who is loyal to the king and queen just shut down the corrupt marxist statist media in Thailand. Because that deadly historic 9.1 beach party earthquake that happened over there was a prelude to the earthquake in REV.16 that is going to humble Barack Obama, George Bush Sr. Bill Clinton, and David Letterman and Jay Leno. Not to mention the new pope of Greenwich Village and that mormon church President imposter in SLC, UT. ~ ~ CRAZY HEART NOTES: Last I heard, Jeff Bridges still lives somewhere up around the Santa Barbara area where Sandra Bullock got married to that crazy motorcycle dude 'until death do us part'. Think 52 PICK UP meets DEATH WISH V at the Cannes Film Festival side-markets in the 1980s. Where the negative film pick-up distribution deals were as hot as the underaged A-list wanna be actresses who would do anything onboard Herald Robbin's 91' yacht. Hence Keira Knightley's passion for trashy paperback novels.

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