Wednesday, June 12, 2013


SALT was about my dark skin Hawaiian sidekick Barack Obama dropping the bomb on my enemies. Just as plain and simple as his fake SUPERBAD ID movie scenario; that has been covered up and stonewalled for all these years by the corrupt liberal media and the cowards in conservative talk-radio. ~ ~ You give the false president a free pass out of jail, God looks the other way when the false prophetic sets off some nuke in America; even the new Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ Then you all become born again, Biblically speaking. ~ ~ Never, ever, put your trust in the Devil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNOW JOB NOTES: That neo Marxist leaker who is now hiding out somewhere in Red Capitalist China, is named Snowden. For the frozen snow covered grass lawn at the White House in the end of the SALT prophecy. Salt worked at the red corporate RINK front in DC for a hockey ice-rink time-lime. ~ ~ RAIN MAN NOTES: After seeing the inspired pre-GSR/TWN Seattle rain opening to KILL CRUISE, I read that princess Keira is now filming some kind of an indie Sundance Film Festival movie in King County, Washington. ~ ~ ESCAPIST NOTES: Here is Carey making her escape at LAX with the very same backpack that Salt had prepared for when the day would come. ~ ~ In Salt Lick City, Utah, they call it the "72-hours emergency back pack" that you should always have at the ready. For when the day 1290 days would come in MARK 13:14, and you don't even have the time to grab your coat, like at; ~ ~ Hopefully, it won't happen in winter. ~ ~ MORE KILLER NOTES: Towards the end of KILL CRUISE's inspired illogical ending, Queen Elizabeth finds the medicine that would save her sailor dog savior figure inside of the globe that is showing the promised [Prom Dance] land of the Book of Mormon. Ergo, the film's small boat represents those small boats that took the family of Lehi across the sea to the New Jerusalem of Judah and Ephraim. [Think Hawaii too.] Thereby rescuing them from the corrupt tyranny and pending destruction of the old Jerusalem. Where our Lord would be crucified centuries later. After it had been destroyed, and then was born again, as a fake version of the New Jerusalem. ~ ~ JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR NOTES: I probably was not ready when SUPERSTAR came out in 1999, at; ~ ~ But I found a pretty beat-up used copy of it at GOODWILL on Hump Day; so I'll take another look at the thing tonight. Mostly because the physically transfigured DVD artwork features Molly Shannan as a GSR/TWN look alike. And Will Ferrell is role playing Ben Afflect looking at his future wife Jen Garner.

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