Friday, June 7, 2013


Some loser GHOST BUSTERS wanna-be actor showed up at a college library that was possessed by the Devil on Friday and started killing all the demons, left and right. ~ ~ In confirmation of that 5.9 cutting-time earthquake off the shore of Mel Gibson's tax-free off-shore bank in Fuji. ~ ~ Therefore, Jim Carrey had to give me $4,000,000 in order to get out of his way over-priced shag pad money pit up in the hills near Mel's Malibu Beach endowment house of the love guru Lord, according to: ~ ~ Then he moved to the Manhattan neighborhood of today's sodom and Egypt where Gisele Bunchen is also now ready to fork out about the same amount for my prophetic I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS meets BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ figure. Completely off the books of course. ~ ~ Since the best way to beat the new 666 IRS beast is by putting everything into a trust that is now spiritually controlled by the Crown Prince of England. Even the same one who gets the girl at the end in PRETTY IN PINK meets THE CANYONS' pink vagina movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VOLCANIC ENSAMBLE NOTES: There was an orgasmic 3.7 shaker at northern California's volcanic National Park of the lost tribes of Israel on the same day that I watched PRETTY IN PINK, as reported at:,0,1389064.story ~ ~ PRETTY IN PINK's back door alarm scenario at the record shop is a surprise 'thief in the night' thing, like at: ~ ~ When all of a sudden all those Jews, queers, and niggers, in the White House would get caught for cheating and stealing. ~ ~ I DON'T CARE NOTES: I don't care if the new 666 government reads all of your 666 emails, and listens to all of your 666 cell phone calls, and combs through all of your 666 IRS finances. Since most of you stupid over-educated Christian conservatives think that there is actually no new 666 beast yet; as described in such plain and simple terms in your own apostate Christian Bible that is made up out of a measly 66 books and letters that had survived, by the Grace of God, after Jesus was crucified some 400 years earlier. See: ~ ~ FUNNY OR NOT NOTES: Vince Vaughn's new Gay Area movie is about the new 666 beast.

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