Saturday, June 22, 2013


We see Miley Cyrus' hot 1970s ERASER HEAD figure standing behind Annie in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, across from the room's James Dean standee stand-in, [Who plays yours truly in that new Lindsay Lohan fuck film.] circa 23:50 minutes into it. Later, after my barely legal teenage fuck buddy says that Annie is "Y.O.H." We cut again to the 1993 film's Miley Montana look alike cardboard cut-out. I.e. the film's "H&G" match made in heaven that stands for Hannah and Greg. ~ ~ Because in the Seattle based story, Jonah and Jessica are more young and pure in heart; than say Keira and Carey, so they come first. In order to show them the way to find love that lasts forever. ~ ~ Ergo, Sam's first wife looked like my own first Deja vue French wife; who needed to die and become born again before she could ever understand the deference between eternal life, and say, Social Security or government health care. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1980s LINK: ~ ~ MORE W.T.D. NOTES: ~ ~ PUTIN LINK: Zimmerman looks like an overweight Putin at: ~ ~ Which is because the Russian born white safari R.I.N.O. big-game hunter also hates niggers, who lie, cheat, and steal.

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