Sunday, June 9, 2013


When you care about privacy, but you still shit all over the US Constitution, who cares about what you think? Certainly not me. ~ ~ The 4th Amendment prohibits your house from being searched without a court order. That's about it. ~ ~ You make a strange middle of the night call to Iran's secret service forces based in Shiraz, my god damn illegal alien butt fucker better have his big brother cock so far stuck up your earpiece that he can hear every word you are saying. ~ ~ Guess what. I hate the false prophet in REV.16 just as much as I hate the new 666 beast that you are so much in love with; etc. etc. ~ ~ You don't care about Obama's fake birth certificate. I don't care about your fake counterfeit copy of the US Constitution. Ya follow? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAKER NOTES: The fake "salamander letter" was a prophecy about Barack Obama's future fake birth certificate that would fool today's naive 1980s Reaganite Republican leadership of the new and improved RLDS church in Utah, per: ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: The King sings about me and my Napolitana lover getting back together again someday in BLUE HAWAII meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES; with the lyrics, "... let's be sweethearts again." ~ ~ AREA CODE 310 NOTES: That GHOST BUSTERS killer had the same part Jewish Christian Lebanese roots as Vince Vaughn. Hence all the LONE RANGER gun belts, etc. ~ ~ Sometime in the very near future, people are going to stop pretending that they believe in the US Constitution; including Michael Medved, Glenn Beck, and Mel Gibson, just for starters.

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