Saturday, June 29, 2013


Forget about all those filthy rich red-capitalist Hollywood high society Jew nigger homos getting together every year in Sun Valley, Idaho, and or Switzerland. In the MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO prophecy, all the hot lesbo three-way action goes down across the border from [Ellen] Page, Arizona, like at: ~ ~ Don't get too cocky boys. You may have discovered my own private G6 airplane hideout that was known as the "Hole in the Wall" in Robert Redford's Sundance ski resort prophecy. But you still do not know the location of my nearby desert oasis spring creek near there that is chuck full of German brown trout. Not to mention the private retreat's beaver dams full of eastern Jewish brook trout. ~ ~ Oh yeah, my little 16ish looking girl in her breakthrough HARD CANDY prophecy really loves to work up a sweat on some secret 4-Corners area hot springs hiking trail for hippie chick nudists; and then get rewarded for her rather hard efforts by yours truly licking off her famous chewy and sweaty Salt Lake City taffy pussy; as she keeps her really sexy R.E.I. boots on, purchaased online from Sumner, Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOING DOWN IN BEVERLY HILLS NOTES: The DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS prophecy ends in the back ally. Where yours truly sneaks into the back doors of Jewish run Hollywood; no one the wiser. And fucks all of their neo lesbian wives who are starving to know what it is like to be all loved up by a real man. ~ ~ Sandra Bullock's Tudor mansion is located right next door to the Greek columns mansion of the Chinatown dry cleaners hanger mogul in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. Because in the near future, that married homosexual nigger on the down low, who lives across the street, will get hanged by all those white policemen who were getting so tired of responding to the black and white mulatto dog's false burglar alarms. ~ ~ Yours truly fucks that 19 year-old daughter of Israel in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS, who then tells her daddy that, " was a miracle!" ~ ~ 1986 NOTES: That is my good BYU film school look alike buddy, Ken Kemp, at the end credits of the above 1986 LA prophecy. Who is so poor in spirit that he does not yet realize the coming financial and spiritual desperation of his pending situation. ~ ~ PS MS PAGE: Feeling confused are we? Let me pick you up in my G6, along with some of your bestie girl friends, if that would make you more comfortable. [That's what Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus would do.] And we can all talk it out over a glass of white Pinot with some smoked wild bred 6" rainbow trout, personally caught by me.] Don't worry your little heart honey; I would never try to lay an unwelcome hand on you in a thousand years. Besides, Evangeline Lilly would be making us up the smoked meats and French cheese plates in the back cabin. And if I start to get too Randy or something, she'll take care of that too; since my older wives are always ready to protect my younger wives. ~ ~ LET'S MAKE A DEAL NOTES: Could be that Hanna Montana belongs to David Lynch, the Eagle Scout from Montana. After all, the eraser head babe does look exactly like one of those two teenager hotties who live up the street in his neighborhood in the hills. Hey girls, whatever it takes; you could do a lot worse. Plus, look what it did for the twenty something career of Naomi Watts.

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