Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Granny Grass' hard line telephone line had been dead for about five days. Then on hump-day, I kid you not, a somewhat overweight Vince Vaughn look alike showed up in our driveway; swinging a pair of double tool belt pistols as low as THE LONG RANGER. And he definitely looked like he was ready to take care of business. ~ ~ Once he took a gander at the house's shitty brown 1970s era HERSHEYS chocolate [Pennsylvania] paint job, and determined what the problem was. ~ ~ That being the wiring was all too old and cracked and had to be completely replaced, free of charge. Which took like 60 minutes. In confirmation of today's old men on the 60 MINUTES show who are too cracked in the head to even mention that Barack Obama is a well known homosexual illegal alien who is using a confirmed stolen Social Security number on his fake Hawaii drivers license ID in SUPERBAD meets THE LOVE GURU. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

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