Thursday, June 20, 2013


Mr ROLLING STONE could not stop his new MERCEDES on Highlander in Hollywood in confirmation of the historic "highland shift" in the German language; whereupon the old German language suddenly became 40% phonetic Hebrew shortly after the fall of Jerusalem. ~ ~ Ergo, that Orthodox Jew in the LA WEEKLY video immediately ran out of his House of Israel and tried to put the flames out with his pathetically small garden hose. ~ ~ Then like 10,000 left-wing maniacs, who regularly read ROLLING STONE, hit the looney toon Internet blogs with their own private CIA conspiracy theories. That made your typical birther look like one of those moderate Rebublicans in congress who actually still believe that Barack Obama was actually born and raised in Chicago. ~ ~ Therefore, that 33 year-old phony Hollywood liberal who was still stonewalling the biggest scandal in the history of America, after all these years, got the same kind of day 1290 treatment that the Jews are now going to get, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE SUPERBAD BOY NOTES: Michael Hastings died in a blaze of glory on the same date in Barack Obama's obviously fake ID from Hawaii in the SUPERBAD liquor store prophecy, circa 2008 meets 2013. ~ ~ ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL'S NOTES: Right after Randy sees that Black Panther Afro forerunner to Barack Obama on his cheep motel room tv, he changes the channel and sees two black&white mulatto homos going at it. Then he sees that toll-free psycho sign reference that was confirmed by Mr Hasting's 52 PICKUP style car explosion. Which was the big 1980s buildup to the film's DEATH TRAP shootout that kills off all THE VILLAGE PEOPLE who voted for the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12.

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