Friday, June 14, 2013


Mary ends up with my mysterious TWIN PEAKS superstar HARLEY DAVIDIAN rider at the end of 1999's SUPERSTAR prophecy; who has Barack Obama's big monkey ears. A.K.A. Mr Slater, the man with the iPAD slate/tablet, that was miraculously given to him by Jesus Christ on Gisele Bundchen's 7.20 birth date, almost three years ago now. ~ ~ Think Rush Limbaugh giving out free iPADS to his best phone callers who make him look good. You make Jesus look good, He makes you look good too, like if you were around 29 year-olds or so. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GONE BABY GONE NOTES: Here is what happened to Detroit, at: ~ ~ A Harry Potter lightening bolt struck Salt Lake City's town hall clock, freezing the old thing at 4:58; for a Divine physical transfiguration confirmation of the 1980s style BACK TO THE FUTURE physical transfiguration prophecy, circa Ronald Reagan, according to: ~ ~ Why not? My African born sidekick with the big ears has hinted in the past that he is the new born again Ronald Reagan; works for me. ~ ~ BIG WOW! NOTES: AP just discovered that there are polite society Nazis living in the New World's twin cities. Who apparently had become born again with their new fake identity papers after they had escaped Germany, at: ~ ~ Next thing you know, the same naive liberals will be doing a breaking news report about Obama's birth certificate forgery. Talk about back-to-the-future journalism, where the old 666 beast meets the new 666 beast, during AMATEUR HOUR on the Glenn Beck radio show. ~ ~ BOMBSHELL FFER NOTES: That chemical plant explosion off I-10 meets Hwy.61 in Catholic Luisiana happened when I watched SUPERSTAR's prophetic movie about Catholic high school girls who love to get jiggy with Jesus, purr:

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