Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Ok Mr. Lewis in Portland, Oregon, you caught me red handed. But no need to rub it in, for heaven's sake. ~ ~ Yes you are right, IT'S ALL TRUE; The situation in the Crime/a is a secret plot by the London based illuminati to depopulate the world using atomic bombs. ~ ~ Credit is due when credit is deserved. Based on the fact that I am the I AM's format man. And everything that is now happening in the world is a part of my master plan to take over the millennium. Which would include everything that I let the devil himself do; if it serves my purposes. ~ ~ That's right my darling. You are being used by me, and you are gonna like it. ~ ~ GSR/GSR ~ ~ GLEN OR GLENN NOTES: Glenn Beck has no problem with the Sodom and Egypt prophecy in REV.13 because the leaders of the Mormon church cult are his masters. ~ ~ AFRICAN MASK NOTES: They just made Lebron take off his black Obama African mask down in Miami, so then he broke some kind of a symbolic '61' African birth certificate record, according to; http://miami.cbslocal.com/2014/03/03/history-lebron-nets-61-heat-top-bobcats-124-107/ ~ ~ Note the no.6 number-of-man basketball jersey; that refers directly to the modern day [born again in Hawaii] 666 beast. That was born again in earnest by the Jewish communist red capitalist mob's new deal offered up under FDR, at the very same time that the 1930s style Jew from New York was beating up on the first modern 666 beast in REV.13. ~ ~ SAVAGE RADIO LISTENER NOTE: Savage probably has the best take right now on Russia Vs Sodom. ~ ~ That said, I must remind Savage that I'm only interested in stealing the really hot wives from today's flaky communist Hollywood celebrities who hate America. Not the wives of conservative Christians who believe in America. ~ ~ Don't get me confused with any of those Texas style [George Bush] 1950s radio preachers portrayed in such movies as MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets PINK FLAMINGO. ~ ~ Why in the world would I ever want to fuck the wife of a George Bush or a Glenn Beck? When I could be back-dooring such hot MILFs as Jennifer Garner, or Gisele Bundchen? Not to mention Jessica Beil or Jessica Alba.

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