Friday, March 7, 2014


Time for all you immature Jew boys in Hollywood to grow up and put all of your cards on the table. ~ ~ Otherwise, I AM is going to buy all of you out from under your old hook noses. Including the now very discounted price tag for the rights to the above two sequels. Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ And with my kind of money, I could make both of these third-sequel films for under 55 big ones total with a new cast of teenager stars, who also look great with their bikini tops off, etc. ~ ~ Think I AM is still full of shit? ~ ~ How about I make these two third sequels based upon a true story about that older dude who lead the original Flirty Fishing sex cult that gave us the River Phoenix forerunner to Justin Beiber? ~ ~ Not only does the kid from Canada believe in the Bible, but he has the dough to make it happen. ~ ~ Plus, he would love to break into acting. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: We would need a solid British accent actress to play the new slimmed down Bridget Jones in BRIDGET JONES: III. Who still looks sexy enough to get the horny Jew teenager boys into the theater, like at: ~ ~ If it were me, I would shoot the hot action exteriors on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO tied up in Marin County. And the below deck interior shots could all be filmed at Jen Aniston's new basement studio up in the Hills. In other words, you're looking at about 2 big ones per picture in below the line costs. And the rest of the money would go to me and my girlfriends. ~ ~ SECRET SPY AGENCY REVELATIONS: Nothing that the so-called google/NSA complex is doing even comes close to the Orwellian nature of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, plus Social Security and Medicare. Not to mention the new and improved Obamacare; which is rarely ever mentioned on places like Ground Zero Radio. Hence, nobody is talking about the well confirmed fact that Barack Obama is an illegal alien; not even at CPAC. ~ ~ In other words, to this day, LBJ et al still want to know what your brain is thinking. Much more than they want to know what is going on inside of your smart phone. Which is why the big nose motherfucker was so famous for making all those intimidating and bullying telephone calls to the liberal Jewish media.

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