Friday, March 21, 2014


Thursday night in a cat napping flash vision, God showed me that CASINO ROYALE was my next big blog project. So later, I got around to the 1967 movie's opening sequence where we see Hugh Hefner showing yours truly his open-fly boner credentials on the streets of Paris [Hilton]. Wherein Heff is directly positioned above that future image of the legendary cruising-for-sex-with-strangers Barack Obama; in direct reference to his queer-as-orange identity papers. ~ ~ And yours truly is directly positioned below that deep sea search sub UFO saucer in THE LIFE AQUATIC. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUE OR FALSE NOTES: Doesn't matter. The reports rolled out about Scarlett Johansson being in the family way while my postings about AN EDUCATION were still rolling out on the Internet. In confirmation of Carey Mulligan losing her naive virginity in Paris to some sleazy Jewish media con man. ~ ~ PLEASE BE PATIENT NOTES: It is going to take me at least a full week to chew on and digest all of the inspired prophetic elements in CASINO ROYALE, 1967. Plus, I don't want to waste any of the golden nuggets found in the last three casino movies that I have been screening. Which I will be slowly and gracefully incorporating into the latest news reports about ELIZABETH HURLEY BEACH bikini bonfires, and the inevitable timely copter crashes. ~ ~ Think Conan's favorite Elvis picture will be CLAM BAKE:II meets THE FAT SPY:II. That is if he gets to play Executive Producer in the indie films' back-end financing deals. Just because he was so scary enough to put up about one little big one in the deal. Since his already bored_to_death wife let him do it anyway. Hoping that something would finally come along that could revive their dead_end marriage. ~ ~ VIVA 19 NOTES: Elvis the King sings about the two teenage girls who are going to rescue his lonely heart in VIVA LAS VEGAS while we see the lucky number 19 on the roulette wheel behind him. ~ ~ See my prophetic no.10 virgins [Hairy Potter] post for example, at: ~ ~ That latest beach motel fire happened off of Liz' I-95, per her beach bikini link at: ~ ~ I am not kidding. That nurse Betty figure in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON really does represent my crazy exwife Elizabeth Hurley. ~ ~ Who was once involved with Hugh Grant. But then it all came to an end when she lost all respect for him after he was caught trying to get a blow job from that prophetic Michelle Obama whore figure between Hollywood and Sunset. ~ ~ Like when the time would come in the near future that my crazy dark skinned hairy sidekick would become a rabid wild dog figure like Barack Obama. And then all of the English white men would rise up in anger and chase him down into some back ally in Chicago.

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