Monday, March 17, 2014


For some strange reason, by the end of 1964's iconic VIVA LAS VEGAS prophecy, the half Italian/Irish redhead Lindsay Lohan starts to look a lot like Nicole Kidman. Particularly when they are coming down the stretch and zoom by that KTOO 1280 country music radio station that is now playing so much of Keith Urban's Nashville, Tenn music these days. ~ ~ As just confirmed by that 4.4 earthquake at 6:25 am outside of Paris Hilton's hometown of Endcino, California. In order to mark Nicole's Catholic church wedding anniversary on 6.25. ~ ~ Since I finished watching the movie at the start of Saint Patrick's Day for a lucky leprechaun 777 BOEING jet airliner jackpot thing. At the end of the rainbow's pot of gold, for the end of today's homogaysexual rainbow fascism situation. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEAVING LAS VEGAS NOTES: The green no.31 car is the first to crash through those 440 hay bails that represented those 440 Asian squirrels that were dumped into a meat grinder by those Dutch airline employees at KLM meets MLK. In the context of Sheriff Joe's 3.1 press conference that proved that Barack Obama is an illegal alien. Just like the ones who are still flooding across the borders of Arizona, south of Tombstone, etc. ~ ~ The liberal Jewish media has tried to slander Sheriff Joe for his efforts to control our illegal alien problem in the same spirit that they have trashed him for exposing Obama's illegal alien status. ~ ~ Nicole Kidman's prophetic figure in VIVA LAS VEGAS is called "Rusty" because the aging 46 year-old actress's sexy sports car ride is beginning to show a little rust and peeling paint around the edges. And so now she is in need of a nice overall restoration job; as per the inspired ending to TRANSFIGURATION 6-5000. [Both movies end with car wreck themes.] ~ ~ Both Paris and LL are well known for their Las Vegas night club disco appearances. Think BOOGIE NIGHTS:II meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. ~ ~ DOUBLE FEATURE NOTES: For Saint Patrick's Day, I might have to watch that lucky Leprechaun 3 sequel that takes place in Las Vegas. Wherein the little marred face servant guy beats the shit out of that BEST MORTGAGE loan shark spokesperson Glenn Beck. Then if I have the time, I should watch Vince Vaughn et al in SWINGERS:II meets LEP IN THE HOOD:II. ~ ~ EVEN MORE WEIRD AL NOTES: I'm not joking, or trying to be cute or clever; Natalie Merchant could sell out a good size Las Vegas room for six months if she wanted the money.

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