Saturday, March 29, 2014


THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN episode comes to an end with the secret handshake that seals the deal between Gwyneth Paltrow and I for all eternity. ~ ~ Per that last line in DON JUAN DE MARCO that goes, "And why not?" ~ ~ So why not have a 5.1 earthquake in The City Of Industry, California area that is a direct Rt.90 reference to 'Project 90' in THE AVENGERS, 1967 season? That was shot in the various industrial areas located just outside of London. ~ ~ Where the land is cheap and the real estate taxes are low. ~ ~ Wasn't Emma [Peel] Watson born in 90? Whose Dr.Noah movie came out on the same day? Wherein Woody Allen makes that ominous no.51 burp countdown to some A-bomb going off somewhere in the western Israelite regions of EZE.38? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.90 NOTES: This 90th cfake of Emma is about the amazing electric-light powers of the new 666 beast, at: ~ ~ That are still confounding everybody from Woody Norris to Glenn Beck to Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ "Not everyday is Christmas..." [WILD AT HEART] ~ ~ SCREENPLAY NOTES: The surefire way to overcome all those Jews, queers, and niggers in the media is to make sure that your next home-video feature fuck-film features some really hot middle-aged overweight guy, like Mickey Rourke, fucking two teenagers at a time for real. This is what the Jesus-Loves-You era of flirty fishing is all about. I.e. we're not supposed to make XXX porno films in the long run; but we get to do whoever and whatever we want in the short run. As long as it works. ~ ~ For example, see this Adriana Lima look alike movie poster at:

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