Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last night, David Letterman had that well known fly fisherman, Jimmy Carter, on his show talking about men who love to fuck two hot teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Talk about being born again times two. ~ ~ Looks like we're going to have to shoot EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES: TWO on the private property of his stud ranch out in western Montana; somewhere north of [Mel] Gibson Lake. ~ ~ I'm there dude. Just show me where to sign on the dotted line. ~ ~ You want Robert Redford to direct? You got it. ~ ~ The Sundance cowboy dude owes me big time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HARD RED WINTER WHEAT NOTES: Montana grows the best hard red winter wheat in the world. Never fuck without it. ~ ~ Even Atlanta, Georgia's Ted Turner has invested very heavy into that whole Hanna Montana playboy stud ranch thing. Not to mention that King of the Cowboys forerunner, Ralph Lauren. Who comes to the rescue at the end of CASINO ROYALE's look alike Mel Brooks movie entitled, BLAZING SADDLES. ~ ~ CASINO ROYALE NOTES: When yours truly shows up at Gisele Bundchen's shag pad in the 1967 swingers movie, we see her dumping her spiritually frozen fuddy duddy husband into the deep freeze. Think Jennifer Garner meets Adriana Lima.

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