Monday, March 3, 2014


1953's GLEN OR GLENDA indie film was a prophetic commentary on when the time would come that there would be earthquake signs and wonders from God happening around the Glen Canyon dike in southern Utah's polygamy country. Where that homogaysexual Rainbow Bridge red rock landmark is located on your PLANET OF THE APES map book of Judah and Ephraim. As seen in the opening sequence to AUSTIN POWERS: III; and at the end of that typical plural wives James Bond OCTOPUSSY movie. ~ ~ [Think October 29 pussy.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLIFF NOTE: ~ ~ JEW BOY SCOUT NOTES: Those wandering Jew teddy bear boys who are now running things at Mini Mouse's DISNEYLAND, down in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE [COUNTY] California, have just declared that they are no longer going to be giving any money to David Lynch's patriotic militia style scouts in Montana, according to: ~ ~ That's like the tall French Jewish John Kerry telling Putin that he needs to change his attitude about homosexual troop leaders who like to molest innocent little boys in Nazi style uniforms. ~ ~ WEIRD AL DREAM: The other night, I dreamed that I was running around on the grass in San Francisco's [China Town] Golden Gate Bridge Park while stabbing and stinging various cruising-for-sex-with-stranger homos with my one inch blade SWISS ARMY pocket knife. Which was not large enough to kill anybody; but they sure did't exactly appreciate it. ~ ~ Then later that same day, the news broke about all those folks in China getting stabbed to death at some train station in red capitalist China. ~ ~ And then Cate Blanchett won the OSCAR for best actress in BLUE JASMINE. ~ ~ GREG OR GREG NOTES: At the 'Save the Children' scenario in NURSE BETTY, we see a 1986ish looking Greg standing next to a 39ish Greg Kinnear. ~ ~ TEA PARTY NOTES: The main reason why America's white Tea Party patriots are on the side of Russia on this one, is because they want to see the un-American communist Jewish homosexuals die; one way or the other. Think the 1950s Black Sea listed Jews in Hollywood finally get it. ~ ~ "I'm conservative, but I'm flexible." [NURSE BETTY]

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