Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Those two buildings of Judah and Ephraim blew up in Harlem for that next-door neighbors house explosion in THE BURBS. Since most of the rental buildings in Harlem are owned by Jews and Asians. ~ ~ These being the two beeps beeps of Judah and Ephraim on the 57 CHEVY's radio 11 dial in the 7th episode of CURB. Right before the big REAR WINDOW style rear-ending. ~ ~ And when Larry's wife sent him over to get back all of that stolen chicken L'orange, we see various African Obama masks hanging in the background while Larry makes a wise crack about Africa. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 7TH EPISODE NOTES: The episode's ANNIE GET YOUR GUN reference was about me buying used DVDs for two bucks about ten years later at PISTOL ANNIES; out in the burbs of Bonnie Lake, Washington. In the episode's 'Last Supper' of Jesus scene, the Ephraimite AAMCO transmission guy takes the seat of authority away from Judah. After we heard about Justin Theroux's new physical transfiguration contract for making plastic DIET RITE PEPSI bottles. ~ ~ iPAD NOTE: One of the most amazing features on your iPAD is how easy it is to blow up the screen's image using two fingers. See: . ~ ~ GREEK PRESIDENT NOTES: The biggest blow up between Israel and Gaza since the Jews re-elected America's known homosexual Greek president, happened on the same day of the Ukrainian leader's visit to the Greek Casa Blanca. Where the two discussed the increasingly worrisome situation between Russia and Sodom.

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