Sunday, March 30, 2014


That new go-to-church-Sunday-morning 4.8 earthquake under the Norris campsite in mellow Yellowstone National Park was a purist dry fly fisher FFing thing. Based upon the restoration of modern Israel in 48. ~ ~ Right there is Canyon, for the Grand Canyon in Arizona; that begins near Ellen Page's amazing dike landmark called Page, Arizona. ~ ~ If you guys don't have the balls to step up and tell little Ms. Page et al what a little spoiled brat she is, I AM is going to have to do that for you. ~ ~ Just because you'all Bible Belt ignoramuses are too gay to believe in plural marriage; which is the ultimate spiritual cure to lesbianism and homosexualism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE AVENGERS NOTES: The global warming deniers about the last days prophecies in D&C 133 get zapped in 1967's THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN. Starting with that wind energy fan electric generator fantasy scene in the first shots. ~ ~ Named after, 'Charles Gray' for England's Prince Charles, who is a gray-area fence-sitting denier of God's plans to melt the icy hearts of the lost tribes of Israel who currently live in the northern frozen regions of the earth. ~ ~ 25 LINE NOTES: The electrically charged antihero in THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN is packing 25k volts for that 25 cutting-line that goes through the southern swamps of Florida's huge uncircumcised penis landmark. ~ ~ CASINO ROYALE NOTES: The anti-gravity scene in this prophetic 1967 movie was about the wise five virgins card-hand, regarding the principle of anti-gravity that will be restored in the millennium. The ancient tribes of Israel used their anti-gravity faith skills to build the pyramids, Stonehedge, Easter Island, etc. Which was a more clean energy system for the bigger projects; not to replace the more simple everyday uses for carbon energy. ~ ~ SPY VS. SPY NOTES: That democratic fascist lady was elected the mayor of Paris on the same day that the democratic fascist John Kerry was meeting in Paris with Russia's democratic fascist representative from Moscow. This is the French mother of whores in REV.17 who sits on top of the world. And the viscous cold hearted [cold play] beast who hates her is going to kill her, metaphorically speaking. And why not?

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