Tuesday, March 18, 2014


If you can ID that strange man who is walking behind my younger transfigured hero named Scott in LEPRECHAUN 3, right when we see me and Granny Grass playing the lucky jackpot 777 slot machines, you will know that your 'calling and election' has been made sure for all eternity. ~ ~ Right after the older boss assures Sienna that, "...you'll come around." per that winning protagonist from the British spy detective sex cult tv-series entitled, THE AVENGERS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ELIZABETH HURLEY'S TIME LINE NOTES: In the 1964 VIVA LAS VEGAS prophecy, we hear Liz's 6:10 am time mentioned after learning that the sexy racy cars gran prix goes from Prince Charles Mountain to the Hoover Dam. Where the small mouth bass fishing is good, and the water-skiing girls all wear her latest line of bikinis. Ergo, at the beginning of VIVA LAS VEGAS, the identity of the hot redhead babe driving that vintage TRIUMPH is a REV.17 style female mystery. Ergo, the sexual preference identity of Obama's fakey birth certificate is also a homogaysexual mystery. ~ ~ LEP:3 NOTES: The owner of the movie's future PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop location was an East Indian figure who represents today's REV.13:1 Indian Ocean search for the mysterious 777 jackpot jet. That represents the new miraculous iPAD APPLE temptation of Eve's high tech 666 beast snake of the 7 hills. ~ ~ HINT HINTS: That tall trim stranger in LEP 3 with the cropped brown hair, who looks somewhat like a physically transfigured Glenn Beck, is the first guy who is going to bankroll me; "See ya on the flip side." ~ ~ AP:4 NOTES: I see the final AP:4 happening where it began, in Las Vegas. ~ ~ If I were you, I would start it with a supposedly washed up 21ish Beaver playing in some small run down room that is just a front for the swinging London based Illuminati; who are planning to take over the world. ~ ~ Think Elvis is not really dead, and America never really did land a man on the moon on 7.20, 1969. But this time shoot the whole new thing from a much more mature and sophisticated point of view. While maintaining the original movies' surreal absurdity by having Mike Myers himself fucking a host of teenager hotties.

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