Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One would have to listen to THE DOORS' debut studio album version of the song on YouTube, that was produced in LA, in order to understand why Miley Cyrus and I will be making underground movie magic together in the near future. ~ ~ Oh yeah. That's right. You got it. You are totally fucked. ~ ~ Because that Panama based boat load of 100 miles rockets was intercepted in the Red Sea at the same time that Bibi was hanging out with the whore of Hollywood, in California. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNEAKY INDIE FILM PUBLICITY NOTES: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ HEINZE 57 STEAK SAUCE NOTE: Absolutely every D&C 57 omen out there right now is a foolish Jewish John Kerry thing. Like this one that happened in [queer as] Orange County when Israel's Bibi was on his way to LAX, at: ~ ~ BLACK AND WHITE NOTE: Youtube's black and white clip from THE VERY BEST OF THE DOORS version of I'M A BACKDOOR MAN features my fuller right eye above his cut-off middle finger stump. ~ ~ SIDE NOTE: When my Lizard King forerunner was getting a little low on the doe while living in Paris, he would always check into the same low budget walk-up pensioners hotel where Laurence and I stayed; the last time we were in Paris together. [After he had exposed his royal sire Picasso painting penis in Miami of course.]

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