Thursday, March 20, 2014


The King's copter in VIVA LAS VEGAS took off with a nice shot of the top of Seattle's SPACE NEEDLE in the background. And then it went on to check out that Colorado River dam that represents today's corrupt media dikes who are stonewalling the truth about Colorado's Barack Obama Grand Canyon divide figure. Who is a well known homosexual who is using a stolen Social Security number of a dead man from Conn. Which he got from his late granny who did volunteer filing work at Hawaii's probate offices. Where all those old retirees were dying off in their shared condos faster than they could keep up with them. ~ ~ Therefore, the 666,666,666 loving Jews are doing everything that they can to not let the white people spread the word [of God]. ~ ~ Just check out those new clips of Obama on the Hollywood dike [dam] show if you think that I AM is kidding. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PINK HELICOPTER CONSPIRACY THEORIES: During Michael Savage's second hour monologue on Wednesday, a pink helicopter model was hovering outside his window in Marin County. In confirmation of his many monologues about that 'pinko' Barack Obama. There are a lot of pink colors in 1964's VIVA LAS VEGAS [drones] prophecy about the King. Who ate more pink pussy chicken than any man had ever seen. ~ ~ ATLAS NOTES: That amazing red rocks area known as 'Fire Valley' is located just north of the Hover Dam. The desolate place looks like the surface of Mars in places. Think Elizabeth Hurley in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN meets STAR WARS: EPISODE 7. Who is one of those rather rare creatures who has really big boobs and a very nice and tight small vagina. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: The copter that crashed below Seattle's SPACE NEEDLE air-control tower BOEING 777 jackpot icon landed in a ball of fire on Broad Street, off of John Street; for all those Vegas show broads in VIVA LAS VEGAS. The copter that crashed into the REV.13:1 sea in THE LIFE AQUATIC was also searching for the mysterious new 666 beast. The copter that crashed on the set of a John Landis movie was AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON thing about my ex-wife Elizabeth Hurley. Yada yada. ~ HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTES: Here are some nice stills from Charlie's new screen tests for my upcoming sequel of THE FAT SPY, at: ~ ~ Not kidding, we just wanted to make sure that she could add to, and not distract from, the lesser experienced Adriana Lima. And not just because we will be shooting all those hot 15 year-old looking sex scenes using a legal-aged 20 year-old Ms.Grande from Florida. Who we already know can act and sing. The big challenge on this one will be getting Cara Delevigne to agree to play one of her 17 year-old girlfriends from the British Bahamas. ~ ~ My gut tells me that CD is going to hold out for a good two big ones on this particular photo shoot. As if Mel Gibson doesn't already have that kind of off shore money. ~ ~ When the King meets LEP:3 on the flip side, the Jews and their pack of niggers in Hollywood will need Mel Gibson way more than he needs them. ~ ~ Now I'm thinking Neil LaBute directing the above straight forward Andy Warhol style 1969ish screenplay. So I can quickly move on to my next project and make another killing.

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