Saturday, March 8, 2014


That 777 went missing over the REV.13:1 Gulf of Thigh Land in confirmation of the last installment's final location messages at: ~ ~ Hell. Since you queer boy Jew fucks can't even elect a president who is a US citizen, I guess we'll just have to take a less democratic approach to things. ~ ~ Talk about the 7 hills of Beverly Hills meets the 7 hills in TO ROME WITH LOVE. ~ ~ Ergo, Greg moved out of Jen's beach house in Malibu and bought that fixer-upper House of Israel glass mansion up in the hills overlooking Century City. ~ ~ Per that ALONG CAME POLLY reference to nurse Betty's pet parrot. Who just keeps repeating the latest PC lines in the liberal media entertainment culture. ~ ~ So Friday, I found 1987's DRAGNET prophecy. Which was about any square out there who sees the film's brown African zoo man behind the mask, like at the Hollywood BROWN DERBY, should be fired and committed to a sanitarium. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIDNIGHT DREAM NOTES: Last night, I dreamed that Steven Fresh put a deal together with that old-money timber baron in ZERO EFFECT; for building 700,000 houses. Using 18" thick brick mason wet plastered walls, topped off with 2x4x6 trussed roofs and 100-year clay tiles. Just like they do in the old world of the lost ten tribes of Israel. And all I had to do was stop in real quick and sign the check; and then get right back to having some fun with my girlfriends.

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