Monday, March 24, 2014


Apparently the upcoming Noah movie that was shot on Long Island is a pretty strange thing from a Biblical point of view. ~ ~ Per Dr.Noah's prophetic ark plot in CASINO ROYALE that looks like a huge UFO. ~ ~ Wherein the American hero icon kills himself with a backwards shooting gun, and then drops dead right in front of the expressionless KGB spy who looks like Putin. ~ ~ Because he was one of those rather normal looking Americans who had voted for my extremely strange illegal alien sidekick Barack Obama. Who is not even a US citizen, though everybody and his dog knew it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LANDFALL NOTES: Ms Montana recently covered 1975's LANDFALL at the Bay Area's ORICAL ARENA. Since oracle means revelator, etc. See and hear it at: ~ ~ Note the snow covered mountains lyrics for the snow on top of the mountains behind Washington's Dicks Creek landslide omen, like at: ~ ~ My Love Bug dream about Miley cyrus took place at the top of a steep hill street in San Francisco. ~ ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES FOR NEW READERS: That is the actual Rush Limbaugh sitting next to Mao in Dr.Noah's underground basement lair in CASINO ROYALE; secretly located underneath Heff's Playboy Mansion in London for plural wife swingers. ~ ~ The brunet babe that he has strapped down inside his physical transfiguration blood cleaning lab is Ornella Fresh of course. Since all those babes in the movie keep running off suddenly in order to take their eternal [House of Israel Masonite] temple vows at the endowment houses of the Lord mentioned at . ~ ~ FFING NOTES: My first fly fishing experience happened when I caught a nice 9" Montana black-spotted cutthroat trout on a No.10 Montana buck hair wet fly, tied by Ken McLeod. Using one of his ST.CROIX fly rods [The sainted cross of Jesus in French.] while standing on a big rock at the inlet to Jade Lake in the Necklace Valley chain. Which was a prophetic representation of the beautiful necklaces that my beautiful FFing wives would be wearing in THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. ~ ~ REV.19 NOTES: The gung-ho US General from Texas shouts, "HEY IT'S WAR!!" in CASINO ROYALE at about 1:18 on my DVD, after he sees that all those Eastern European Jews from Brooklyn, NY, like Michael Savage, have been blackmailing him with LBJ's weird Civil Rights Act of 1964. Which is the main reason why the Gay Area's Savage never talks about Obama's F FOR FAKE look alike credentials anymore. ~ ~ [Ironically, the left-wing pinko Oliver Stone looks just like the right-wing pinko Michael Savage on his wiki page photo.] ~ ~ DEAR GREG AND PIERCE: Last night I dreamed that Selena Gomez would do anything to be in your MATADOR sequel. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: This one is on the house. In Miley Cyrus' Janis Joplin biopic, she plays an obsessed Janis Joplin wanna be impersonator from Texas. Who is working a few small rooms somewhere in the Las Vegas area. Eventually, she attracts a fairly large number of look alike wanna be groupies like her, Natalie Merchant style. Who show up at every one of her gigs, no matter where. ~ ~ Naturally, the plot would mirror the life of the real Janis Joplin, without you having to worry about the film critics saying that she is not a very good Ms.Joplin, etc. Even though in some ways, she is actually better than the original. ~ ~ Think BUBBA HO-TEP meets Jennifer Aniston in LIVE A LITTLE LOVE A LITTLE. ~ ~ If I were you, I would keep her current sexy blond short haircut look and just have her wearing a really thick 60s looking hair wig most of the time, even after work while she is driving around in her psychedelic paint job bathtub PORSCHE. ~ ~ Get busy now. Come up with a nice first draft. Sent it over to Paris Hilton's people. Telling her how much money you need. And how you have a really juicy part for her in your new Las Vegas movie. And see what happens.

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