Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In the prophetic 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS, entitled MURDERSVILLE, there is a huge sign hanging over everyone at Obama's future presidential library that says, 'SILENCE' ~ ~ Wherein everybody and his dog knows that the homosexual kid from Hawaii was behind the murder of his long time lover Donald Young. Who couldn't keep his mouth shut. ~ ~ Not so ironically, by the third act, we see Hillary Clinton chained to the proverbial STONEWALL gay mafia icon with a dog muzzle locked on her mouth. ~ ~ One may recall, this is the amazing episode where we are surprised to find David Lynch sleeping against a big log that represents the mysterious REV.17 log lady in all those TWIN PEAKS tv episodes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: "Hollywood is a very small town." ~ ~ NEW READERS: Eva Longoria was originally born in the Corpus Christie, Texas area on March 15. ~ ~ THE AVENGERS's episode called YOU HAVE JUST BEEN MURDERED is about dying and then becoming born again. Getting your mind right, etc. ~ ~ By 1967, the Masonically inspired Mormon cult tv series was always introduced with the prophetic line, "THE AVENGERS IN COLOR". For when the time would come in the last days where there would be a colored man in the White House who does not belong there. Because he was born in Africa. And all those homosexualish ISAIAH 11 Jew boys in MARK 13:14 would be having so much fun with this idea of fucking Ephraim in the ass, that 66.6% of them would need to die immediately in Israel. Before everyone almost forgets why the white race Nazis murdered so many of them in the first place. ~ ~ TYPICAL JEWISH NOTES: The NBA's Jewish nigger-lover who is extorting $2,500,000 from Mr. Sterling represents the 2,500,000 Jews who are going to survive the upcoming holocaust in Judea, Israel. ~ ~ "All is well that ends well..."

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