Saturday, April 5, 2014


An amazing mint condition 85ish race-car green LOTUS 4 drove by me on Old Buckley Highway yesterday. So I went ahead and watched that 1967 AVENGERS episode about those top secret papers from "you know who" that featured Nicole Kidman and her many lover fiancées, entitled DEAD MAN'S TREASURE. ~ ~ Wherein Nick holds the money, and I get to hold onto her symbolic 'box' vagina metaphor. Complete with gushing ejaculation champagne bottle icon at the end. ~ ~ [Think Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone, etc.] ~ ~ Per the episode's repeat Swingingdale 2 three-way signs that everyone thought was supposed to be about all those swinging 60s cheaters in AP:2. ~ ~ As if some older married dude who likes to fuck two hot teens at a time is some kind of a sin. ~ ~ Which is tantamount to saying that drinking mild English ales is also a sin; even though the recipe for them is specifically outlined in the Word of Wisdom. In other words, turn-of-the-century Protestant teetotalerism is similar in spirit to apostate Christianity's non-scriptural church-lady notions about monogamy. ~ ~ In the very near future, nobody is ever going to mistake apostate moronism for apostate Christianity. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TREASURE BOX NOTES: At the end of 1967's DEAD MAN'S TREASURE episode, co-starring that rather tall half-Scottish secret Jew Jay Leno, we see that the box inside of Penelope Cruz' red treasure box is actually a fly-fishing tackle box. ~ ~ SACRAMENT MEETING NOTES: You get to enjoy about two glasses of pure red table wine. While you take your time and quietly enjoy chatting among yourselves. Then after everybody has had enough time to relax and feel less inhibited, it will be high time to jump up and make a little joyous noise. ~ ~ Ergo, the reason why they only serve a sip of bland tasteless water during sacrament meetings in today's watered-down RLDS church is explained in JACOB 5. Where the Lord's only true church on the earth has lost all of it's savor. And so now the more tasty wild olive tree branches of the Branch Davidians in Spain and France and Italy and Greece etc. need to be grafted into the vineyard. And all those old flavorless dead branches in Utah need to be thrown into a big dead wood pile and burned.

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